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Summer Awards

FLAS Summer Awards


Award Amount

The FLAS scholarship provides a $3,500 stipend plus up to $5,000 towards summer tuition.

Please note that the $5,000 will only be applied towards tuition and fees, and does not cover housing, travel, or meals which are often included in study abroad program costs. The stipend may be used to cover the costs not included in the tuition portion of the scholarship.


  1. Register for a six-week (minimum) intensive language study program. A requirement of 140 contact hours (in-classroom instruction) for beginner and intermediate level language instruction, or 120 hours at the advanced level must be met.
    Keep in mind that the application process to the summer intensive language programs is separate from the FLAS application. Make sure to check the programs's website for information on their academic calendar, application deadlines and program costs. It is the student's responsibility to apply for admission to the summer intensive language programs.  
  2. The summer intensive language program must teach the equivalent of one academic year of language study. One year of language study is equivalent to eight credits for students at the beginner and intermediate language level or six credits for students at the advanced language level.
  3. Credits must be transferable back to the University of Utah. It is the student's responsiblility to ensure that the program they intend to attend is regionally accredited. Students must meet with their home department before departure and get course approval for the classes they will be taking in the summer.
  4. Receive at least a "B" grade in the language courses. The language courses must be taken at the second-year level or higher if you are an undergraduate student.
  5. Complete a report for the US Department of Education at the end of the fellowship period and at regular intervals after your fellowship ends (up to 8 years).  Information will be sent to FLAS recipients at a later date.
  6. Complete a language pre-evaluation at the beginning of the award period and a language post-evaluation at the end of the award period. If awarded, FLAS fellows will receive additional information about the language evaluations.
  7. Recipients must book their flights using a U.S. carrier in order to receive a travel award. 

Repayment or Suspension

Failure to complete any of the above terms or withdrawal from the program will result in the student’s repayment of the full amount of the award.  The student will receive written notification if the terms have not been met.

Last Updated: 8/28/23