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MA in Asian Studies

About the MA in Asian Studies

The Master of Arts in Asian Studies is designed to prepare our students to become global citizens, versed in the languages and cultures of the region, with the intellectual flexibility to combine area studies and professional competence, and cognizant of the complex linkages that define the profound relevance of Asia for the United States today.

The M.A. in Asian Studies is a flexible interdisciplinary degree providing advanced language study and area studies education. The core program faculty include over 80 professors in 26 departments across ten colleges. In addition to strengths in history, literature, economics, political science, sociology, and geography, the program has strong interdisciplinary concentrations in health, visual culture, development studies, legal studies, gender studies, and environmental studies.

The degree can be used either as preparation for further academic studies at the Ph.D. level with our graduates having gone on to prestigious graduate programs at universities such as UCLA, Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Oregon, Indiana University, and the University of Chicago. Or, the degree can be used as preparation for careers in government service, international law, international business, and education. It may be usefully combined with a Master's in Business, Law, Public Administration, Public Health and other professional degrees. Our graduates have jobs in a wide variety of fields, from law, biological research, graphic design, and the computer industry to public service here and abroad as well as overseas entrepreneurship.

To learn more about an MA in Asian Studies, email graduate advisor Roxanna Lee ( If you would like to schedule an appointment, please click here.

  Information for Current Students

Application Information

All applications for the MA in Asian Studies must be submitted online through the University of Utah's Graduate Admissions.


Sample Programs of Study

With an interdisciplinary degree, programs of study will include coursework from across academic disciplines. Below are examples of ways to build a program of study around a research topic and region of Asia.


Last Updated: 8/25/23