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K-16 Outreach

About K-16 Outreach

The Asia Center promotes interest in and knowledge of Asia through public events, K12 outreach and teacher training, and partnerships with K12 public schools, post-secondary institutions and community organizations, and through creation of language courses across disciplines (CLAC). We collaborate with diverse entities to strengthen a K-career pipeline for language and area studies education that will produce fully bilingual or multilingual college graduates prepared to use their language and cultural skills in professional settings.

The Asia Center is in a unique position to promote language study as Utah leads the nation in K12 dual immersion, currently offered in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Chinese. Gathered here are resources for educators, students and the general public.

K-16 Outreach Resources

These recorded lectures and citations offer an in-depth exploration of the Global content of the AP art history curriculum that was updated in 2015.


Please share the Spring 2021 Global Read Webinar Series with your networks. The webinar series is free and open to the public. The series features a conversation with the author and moderator of the latest award winning titles recognized by the Américas Award, the Children’s Africana Book Award, the Freeman East & Southeast Asia Book Awards, the Middle East Book Award, and the South Asia Book Award. The website has been updated and registration is open.

Please share with your networks.

Global Reads Webinar Website

Terrace Lesson and Terrace Trunk inventory

Also available in Mandarin Chinese.
  MANDARINe CHINESE TERRACE TEACHING GUIDE (.PDF)    Mandarin Chinese Teaching Trunk Inventory (.PDF)

The Terrace Teaching Trunk was developed in partnership by Utah State Historical Preservation Officer Chris Merritt and the University of Utah Asia Center.  The contents of the trunk are replicas of artifacts uncovered at Terrace Utah during archaeological excavations conducted in 2020 and 2021.  Terrace was once a booming railroad town that lived and died by the construction of the transcontinental Railroad.  There is archaeological evidence of a Chinatown at Terrace, and this trunk helps students explore the day to day lives of Chinese railroad workers.  The Teaching Trunk is an accompaniment to a Teaching Guide developed by the Asia Center Titled: Archaeological Excavation At Terrace, Utah.

  Terrace Teaching Trunk Inventory (.pdf)

How to borrow a Terrace Teaching Trunk

  1. Submit a completed Teaching Trunk Request Form through Google Forms. Trunks are available first come first served.  Please specify the dates you would like to borrow the trunk.  Due to the weight and fragile nature of the content’s trunks are available for pick up or delivery only, Trunks will not be mailed.  Delivery is only available to the following school districts: Salt Lake City, Granite, Canyons, Jordan, Davis County.
  2. Explore the Trunk and use the teaching guide that compliments the teaching trunk. 
  3. Return the trunk after three weeks.  Please make sure that all the contents are returned by checking off each item on the enclosed inventory form.  Please note any lost or damaged items.
  4. Report the number of students impacted by the trunk.
  5. If you develop a lesson plan or classroom application, please consider sharing it with the Asia Center.  Your work will be acknowledged and attributed to you and your insights will benefit other teachers in sharing this valuable component of Utah history. 

  Teaching Guide Archaeological Excavation at Terrace Utah (.pdf)    Terrace Base Map (.jpg)
  Artifacts from Terrace, Utah (.pdf)    Artifacts from Terrace, Utah (.pptx)

Chinese Foodways Teaching Guide

This teaching guide uses the foodways of Chinese immigrants to Utah as an entry point into exploring how foodways mark the contributions of Chinese immigrants to American cuisine and culture. This guide supplements the lessons on Chinese railroad workers and their contributions to the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and U.S. society.

  Chinese Foodways Teaching Guide (.PDF)    Foodways Artifacts from Terrace, Utah (.PDF)


Asia for Educators

Free curriculm and resources that teachers can use immediately, from teaching broadly about Asia to thematically focused units and lessons.


Tanner Humanities Center Gateway to Learning Educators Workshop

Asia Center faculty members offer annual training workshops for K-12 teachers in partnership with the Tanner Humanities Center Gateway to Learning Educators Workshop program.


Salt Lake Community College

The University of Utah’s Asia Center and Center for Latin American Studies prioritize our relationship with Salt Lake Community College’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Together we have developed a partnership which supports our mutual interests in the development and longevity of courses at SLCC that explore international topics and global themes.  We have also worked to encourage students to study world languages, especially less commonly taught languages.

SLCC transfer students are well positioned to transfer International/Global course work from SLCC into Asian Studies and Latin American Studies majors and minors.  The Asia Center and Center for Latin American Studies academic advising staff have created transfer worksheets for SLCC students, available online, in order to lay out course work available at SLCC that transfers into Asian Studies and Latin American Studies majors and minors.  In addition, the Asia Center and Center for Latin American Studies host a transfer guide on our websites with useful resources and information.

Asia Center and Center for Latin American Studies also support SLCC faculty development by offering a Travel Award for Professional Development in Global Studies, Area Studies and Foreign Language Pedagogy.

Download the Call for Proposals PDF

The READ-U program intends to tackle challenging and varied subjects by establishing a College-based community resource where Wasatch Front families and educators can access quality diverse books in themed sets, curated by faculty with expertise in children’s literature, literacy, and socioemotional development. The University of Utah’s NRCs are both supporting teacher pedagogy training related to international children’s literature as a means to integrate Asian and Latin American studies into elementary school curricula. 


The resources found here are designed to support world language faculty and instructors in high school to higher ed classrooms with strategies and resources for teaching world languages in an online format. They were designed specifically to support instructors who follow a task-based, proficiency-oriented approach of language instruction.


Magic Ramen Book Cover

Magic Ramen: The Story of Momofuko Ando

Magic Ramen: the story of Momofuku Ando written by Andrea Wang and illustrated by Kana Urbanowicz is an Honorable Mention title from the 2019 Freeman Book Award.


The Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota's Garden Book Cover

The Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota's Garden

The Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota’s Garden by Heather T. Smith illustrated by Rachel Wada 2019 Freeman Book Award Winner.


Maizy Chen's Last Chance

Maizy Chen's Last Chance & the Chinese American Experience: What Happens When Family, Food, Fact & Fiction Intersect

Not a lot has been written about the Chinese American experience in children's literature. Here, Lisa Yee explores why she wrote her novel, the research going back and forth from the 1800's to present, and what she learned along the way.

Watch Lisa Yee's Virtual Author Visit

Last Updated: 7/5/23