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Professor Dennis Wei Receives Ford Foundation Grant

Dennis Wei, professor of geography and affiliated faculty of the Asia Center, was recently awarded a grant from the Ford Foundation on "Urban Housing and Land and Their Implications for Inequality under the Process of Urbanization in China".  This project is in collaboration with colleagues in China. Congratulations, Dennis!

ford foundation

Project Abstract
Reducing inequality has become a top sustainable development goal of the UN's post-2015 development agenda. The issue of inequality has long been the subject of intense contention in China. The gap between developed and less developed regions in China remains large, and spatial concentration has even further intensified. Chinese cities have also become more segregated and fragmented. Housing has become a major dimension and cause of inequality, and the lack of affordable housing greatly challenges the quality of life of migrant workers and rural residents. This project furthers our study of spatial inequality in China by focusing on land and housing in the context of urbanization. We are interested in understanding land development and housing conditions in Chinese cities, especially for rural migrants and low-income families, as well as government policies for inclusive land development, housing and urbanization in China. This project will enhance our understanding of urbanization and inequality in China, foster an international network for collaborative research, and shape policies towards more equitable and sustainable urbanization.

Last Updated: 11/4/21