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Maizy Chen cover

Maizy Chen's Last Chance and the Chinese American Experience -- What Happens When Family, Food, Fact and Fiction Intersect
Date: April 20, 2022
Time: 6pm MT
You tube live link:
Viewing Location: 1151 SAEC, Art Works for Kids Auditorium
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Not a lot has been written about the Chinese American experience in children's literature. Here, Lisa Yee explores why she wrote her novel, the research going back and forth from the 1800's to present, and what she learned along the way.

Lisa Yee headshotLisa Yee was born and raised near Los Angeles. As a kid, she loved reading, opening brand new boxes of cereal (to get the prize), and riding the teacups at Disneyland. Even though Lisa has been paid to eat chocolate, the thing she likes doing most is writing--except for when she has writer's block, or needs a snack, or is distracted. Her latest work Maizy Chen's Last Chance, debuted in February 2022. According to Yee, “Out of the 21 novels I've written, this is my most personal book so far. Like Maizy, my story began in China - a place I’ve never been to. Like Maizy, I'm a Chinese American from Los Angeles. And, like Maizy, when I was 11-years old I knew little about my family history.”  This novel is a work of fiction about a contemporary girl. But it’s also about Maizy's family, the owners of the Golden Palace restaurant and, for generations, the only Asian Americans in Last Chance, Minnesota.

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Last Updated: 4/7/22