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Utah Film Center: 76 Days Movie Screening and Post-Film Discussion with Director Hao Wu

Picture from film

Date: Tuesday, January 19

Time: 7-10 p.m.

Location: Utah Film Center website (virtual)

The opening sequences feel like a genre movie — science-fiction, zombie horror, apocalyptic thriller. We watch hospital workers, encased in PPE so that we only see their eyes behind foggy goggles, as they race from one patient to another. At the hospital doors, a desperate crowd is clamoring for entry. The overwhelmed workers can only admit a few people at a time.

For all the fantastical elements, this is the reality of 2020. The filmmakers of 76 Days capture an invaluable record of life inside Wuhan, China, ground zero for the outbreak of COVID-19. On January 23, the city of 11 million people went into a lockdown that lasted 76 days. This film concentrates mainly on medical workers and patients to give a pulse-racing account of what it was like to survive.

76 Days excels beyond mere reportage. The camera work is so strong that you could frame still images. In the face of fear and uncertainty, we also witness perseverance and humor, as medical workers use magic markers to decorate their plastic outfits. One memorable figure is a head nurse who never fails to make a human connection with patients, even under dire circumstances. — Toronto International Film Festival

Post-film discussion with director Hao Wu

Official Selection:
2020 Toronto International Film Festival, 2020 DOC NYC



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