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Chinese Culture Week 2021

Chinese Culture Week Schedule
Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration
Monday, September 27 | 9:30am - 11:30am | CTIHB Lobby
(Chinese Snack Provided)

Chinese Major Open House
Tuesday, Septeber 28 | 9:30-11:30 am | LNCO Lobby
(Chinese Snack Provided)

Chinese Speech Contest
Tuesday, September 28 | 11 am- 1 pm | LNCO Rm 2110

Academic Talk: From Mulan (1998) to Mulan (2020): Orientalist Imagination, Feminist Intervention, and a Compromised Progress
Thursday, Septmber 30 | 6:30-8 pm | Zoom
This talk offers a comparative close reading of Disney's animated film Mulan (1998) and its 2020 eponymous live-action remake. Departing from the common perception that the live-action Mulan is simply an “Orientalist distortion” of the Chinese legend, the talk closely examines where the remake breaks free from and where it still embraces the animation’s cultural appropriation of China. In doing so, the talk demonstrates how the remake makes a commendable yet compromised feminist intervention into both the millennium-long legend and Disney’s cultural imagination.

Zoom Talk: Chinese Stand Up Comedy: By Jesse Appell (艾杰西), an intercultural comedian whose bilingual Chinese/English comedy focuses on using humor to bridge cultures
Friday, October 1 | 6:30-8 pm | Zoom
Jesse Appell is an intercultural comedian whosebilingual Chinese/English comedy focuses on usinghumor to bridge cultures. He started doing Chinesecomedy as a Fulbright Scholar in 2012 byapprenticing to Master comedian Ding Guangquanto learn traditional Xiangsheng “Crosstalk” comedy.He is now a leading comedian in the Chinese standup comedy scene, appearing on major Chineseshows such as the Chinese version of Last ComicStanding (欢乐喜剧⼈), as well as Rock and Roast(吐槽⼤会) and Post-80s Talk Show (80后脱⼝秀). Jesse’s performances, writing, and commentaryon Chinese comedy, media, and culture have wonnumerous awards, and he has been profiled on CBSNews, PBS Newshour, BBC World News, and NPR’sHere and Now, as well as Chinese media such asShanghai TV, Beijing TV, CGTN, and CRI. He waslisted as one of the “People of the Year” in 2012and 2019 by the Global Times.

Chinese and Western Music Concert
Sunday, October 3 | 3 pm | LIBBY Gardner Hall (1395 E. Presidents Circle)


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