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The International & Area Studies Student Corps is designed for students in our majors and minors who are actively seeking involvement opportunities outside of the classroom.  Meet fellow International & Area Studies students, receive invitations to small group discussions with faculty, and participate in events and outreach opportunities on campus.  Joining the student corps will give you the opportunity to connect, network and engage.  Sign up now and receive notifications for upcoming events! 

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Remain engaged through international activities both on and off campus!

Community Volunteer Opportunities

The Bennion Center can connect you with international service opportunities as well as internationally minded community organizations around Salt Lake City.

Community Events

There are many international events held throughout the year in Salt Lake City. Here are just a few you might be interested in.

Peruvian Festival Utah  World Refugee Day  Salt Lake City Greek Festival  Nihon Matsuri Japanese Festival

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Continue to practice your language outside of the classroom or study a second/third language.

Language Exchange Program

The Language Exchange Program (LEP) provides students the opportunity to practice their second language with a native speaker by partnering students with international students. To request a partner, contact Fatema Ahad or stop by the International Scholar and Student Services in the Union 410.

Last Updated: 1/24/17