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thesis research

Coming of Age in the Box: Social Function and Japanese Karaoke
Donovan Perry     
Committee Chair: Wesley Sasaki-Uemura

Constructions of Engenderment: The Changing Definitions of the Feminine Ideal in Inconics Twentieth-Century Representations of Indian Women
Caitlin McDonald
Committee Chair: Janet Theiss

Informal Cultural Education In Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans
Kijoung Na
Committee Chair: Wesley Sasaki-Uemura

Food Preparation Methods and Regional Identification in Indonesia
Wendyn Hines
Committee Chair: Hugh Cagle

Being Hafu (Biethnic Japanese) in Japan: Through the Eyes of the Japanese Media, Japanese University Students, and Hafu Themselves
Shima Yoshida
Committee Chair: Wesley Sasaki-Uemura

Charting a New Course: Mapping, Ethnicity, and the Forging of National Identity in China
Kathryn Escedy
Committee Chair: Janet Theiss

The Use of Korean Women's Minds, Bodies, and Histories for South Korean and Japanese Political Agendas
Britney Nay
Committee Chair: Rob Hrebenar

Kim Il Sung's Language Policy as a Vehicle of Juche and a Performance of Cultural Superiority over South Korea
Michael Jeffrey Zwick
Committee Chair: Deberniere Torrey

Last Updated: 1/3/17